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HIW Canada kicks off its 18th year!
High Impact Wrestling celebrates its 18th year of operations as it gets set to kick off the year with a major event in Regina, SK on January 30th! It also happens to be the first taping for the second season of HIW TV on Access 7, which makes this event a MUST SEE happening!

Going into its 18th year, HIW Canada is one of the oldest, continuously active professional wrestling companies in the country. Despite its age, the company continues moving forward and getting larger. In 2014, High Impact Wrestling ran nearly 60 live events across two Provinces, including a 13 show in 15 days tour during the summer. You would be hard pressed to name any other independent pro-wrestling companies in North America that ran as many shows during the 2014 calendar year as High Impact Wrestling did, and with the announcment in early January that the HIW Canada brand had absorbed the HIW Wildside brand, it appears as though the High Impact Wrestling parent office is looking to further solidify the company's foundation and is poised to make a push to further expand HIW's reach across the country.

No word yet on what is in store for the rest of 2015 but if the buzz surrounding HIW's first event of the year is any indication, this could be one of the biggest years in the company's long and storied history!