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Steel Cage Match Signed For Spring MELTDOWN!
Cannonball Kelly rolls over Mike McSugar!
On February 20, Cannonball Kelly collided with his former tag partner Mike McSugar in a Bunkhouse Brawl.

Cannonball picked up the hard fought victory with an inverted piledriver on top of a shopping cart. And with that win, he was awarded his choice of opponent in whatever kind of match he wanted. The 360-pounder shook the Earth with his challenge. He now demands King Kash in a Steel Cage Match at Spring Meltdown 2015.

Cannonballís intentions have never been clearer than they are with this challenge. He could simply have chosen to face High Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Wavell Starr and have a shot the companyís top prize. But itís evident that he has a different goal in mind.
As the Crown Corporation and its founder King Kash look to tighten the deathgrip they have on their enemies and the entire HIW roster, Cannonball makes it clear that he wants to cut the head off the proverbial snake. And a Steel Cage Match might be the best way to achieve that.

Hereís why:

King Kash is retired. In fact, by the time Spring Meltdown 2015 is upon us, it will be a full year since Kash wrestled a match. Not only that, the CEO of HIW has never been in a Steel Cage Match. On the other hand, Cannonball seems to be at the peak of his career, his momentum has been growing stronger since his return to High Impact Wrestling and Kelly has experienced the grueling setting of a cage match before.

Not only that, with these two men locked inside the cage, Kash wonít be able to rely on the presence of the Crown Corporation to save him. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
Get your tickets to this historic event as soon as possible! The online ticket pre-sale continues until mid march when they officially hit the outlets!
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